marcus coates | b | burden

Coates’ work probes our relationship to the unknowable, the invisible, the mute and often solitary experience of bearing a burden. on a mysterious backdrop drawing, maybe a self portrait, he embarks on a dreamlike journey searching for reassurance and solace.

carrying a burden can sometimes be the ultimate selfless expression of love or the source of deep sorrow – how can we share the load? it is the cousin of silence, there is no burden if there is communication.

by exploring the lived realities of people, animals and nature, Marcus Coates attempts to understand how we relate to each other and the world around us. he re-enacts states of being and exercises a process of radical empathy. his motivation is to review relational tools. these explorations move beyond the limits of conventional language. he works collaboratively, bringing in members of the public, as well as experts from a wide range of disciplines, such as anthropologists, ornithologists, choreographers, politicians, psychiatrists. together with Coates, they seek answers to questions about humanity, the natural world and the cross overs between them. new ways of relating are proposed and put into practice.