marta skoczeń | y | you

at the sound of rain drops over tin roofs we are transported to an imaginary journey on the metro, where people are all seating together-yet, it feels they are all far away from each other, inhabiting the isolation of their own bubbles.

the space that lies in the contrast of the physical, the real, and the illusory, is perhaps where the seed of the self, the you, grows and flourishes. the place from where we look at ourselves and we question how others see us.

Marta Skoczeń’s reflections take us into the un-familiarness of the everyday.

Marta Skoczeń is a Paris based polish artist whose work focuses on femininity, memory, nature and the meeting of past and present. her background in photography deeply informs the nuanced narrative and the pace of her films, shedding an eye that is nostalgic and critical simultaneously.