nicole l’huillier | u | undulation

undulation is the push and pull relationship between habit, order, and novelty. it is the beating heart of all processes; from how we experience time, each day being utterly unique in the way it resembles all the other days, to how we imagine our reality.

Nicole L’Huillier’s reflection is inviting us to become open and porous to different interpretations and rhythms – what if we were to behave like a membrane that bounces us into other imaginations and ways of doing? what if we were to break free from the centre and inhabit corners that sit furthest away from our usual gravitational pool?

Nicole L’Huillier (b. 1985) is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher from Santiago, Chile. her practice centres on exploring sounds and vibrations as construction materials to delve into questions of agency, identity, collectivity, and the activation of a vibrational imagination. she holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT (2022).