olivia plender | w | witch

there are very many ways in which to voice one’s convictions and beliefs- artist Olivia Plender found herself hanging out with a group of witches, a set of very strong women who were into witchcraft and gathered periodically to practise their rituals and celebrate nature.

they were celebrating the importance of community, as a mean to deliver care and mutual support. the very ordinary and mundane organisational aspect of these encounters revealed a powerful and radical form of feminism and of activism.

Olivia Plender’s artworks often start with research into social movements and their histories; because what we think we know about the past inevitably shapes what we believe is possible in the future.

she is interested in the relationships between gender, power and authority, and the ways in which they shape how history has been written. her most recent projects focus on feminist history and were developed in collaboration with feminist groups and women led activist organisations in London.